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Granite Ridge Panel

Gerard stone coated steel Granite Ridge Shingles give you the look of high-end architectural asphalt shingles, with the lifetime durability and strength of stone coated steel. Each of our interlocking steel roofing panels incorporates integral overlapping side seams interlocking top seam which covers all fasteners for a neat, seamless watertight finish. Specialized interlocking fascia and wall finishing trims further enhance the quality finish.

As with our other quality roofing products, Gerard Granite Ridge stone coated steel shingles can be installed directly to the roof deck; or over existing asphalt shingles.

Unlike conventional roofing shingles, Gerard Granite Ridge stone coated steel roofing shingles will never break down, warp or fail, and are not prone to mold, fire or tearing in high winds as are conventional composition shingles. Your Gerard stone coated steel shingles will deliver a lifetime of unsurpassed service while improving your home value, saving your money, and delivering a daily sense of satisfaction, security, and peace of mind !

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