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Owens Corning is more than just a trusted name, we are a market leader in roofing shingles, underlayment and components products. Our systems look better, last longer and offer more choices to perfectly fit your project.

TruDefinition Duration Shingles

TruDefinition Duration Shingles are specially formulated to provide dramatic color contrast and dimension to any roof. These shingles are available in all the popular colors. Beyond the impressive curb appeal, they also come with the advanced performance of patented SureNail Technologya technological breakthrough in roofing.


Owens Corning Roofing offers one of the best warranties in the industry. We make it easy to learn about our roofing warranties, so you can find the best coverage option for your home.

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Introducing Williamsburg Gray

Relaxing on the porch. Being one with nature. An ageless grace that never disappoints. This is the feel of Williamsburg Gray, naturally inspired and rich in history. Taking cues from river-washed rocks and granite cliffs, this modern take on traditional beauty uses slate grays, volcanic blacks, and earthy browns to make a unique yet timeless impression.

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Whether you need to match shingles to what's already existing or you're redoing your whole roof and considering a new look, architectural shingles will compliment any design.


Slate Look

Slate Look Shingles combine the classic look of slate with modern technologies and expressive colors that are inspired by nature but not limited by it.


Wood Shake Look

Steadfast Wood Shake shingles feature an extra-thick, three-dimensional appearance that evokes the look of wood shake. Wood Shake shingles also boast great endurance.



The more we think about your roof, the less you have to. Because when your home is protected on the outside, life is better on the inside. The Total Protection Roofing System ^ provides complete protection for your home in three critical areas - SEAL. DEFEND. BREATHE.

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Ice & Water Barrier

Synthetic Underlayment

Starter Shingles


Hip & Ridge

Intake Ventillation

Exhaust Ventillation

Blow In Insulation


Ice & Water Barrier

  • Helps protect the roof where water has a tendency to collect or flow, including valleys, eaves, chimneys and skylights.
  • Helps prevent damage associated with shingle blow-off, wind-driven rain and ice damming.

Synthetic Underlayment

  • Provides a water shedding barrier under shingles for your roof's last line of defense.
  • Helps guard against damage from wind-driven rain.


Starter Shingles

  • Ensure a straight edge and effective seal along the eaves and rakeareas that are vulnerable to high winds.


  • Long-lasting protection and enhanced appearance for your roofs first line of defense.
  • Provide protection and curb appeal in a wide array of colors and styles.

Hip & Ridge Shingles

  • Add extra protection and stylish dimension along the hips and ridgeareas that are vulnerable to high winds.
  • Designed to match and complement Owens Corning shingles.


Intake Ventilation

  • Proper ventilation helps create a balanced flow where warm, humid air is continually replaced by cool, dry air.

Exhaust Ventilation

  • Helps manage attic temperature and humidity to help protect the interior components of your roof from heat and moisture damage and reduce the likelihood of problems such as ice damming.


Blow-In Insulation

  • Creates a buffer between the comfortable air inside the living area and extreme heat or cold outside.

total protection roofing system

You see a beautiful roof. We see a world of science at work. A system of highly engineered components, designed, built and tested to deliver total protection for your home. Its advanced sciencefor performance and beauty designed to last.

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